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The future of our electronics begins with their design. Together we can challenge the world´s greatest designers and brands to reimagine the gadgets we use everyday. Products designed with groundbreaking technology, beautiful aesthetics and to be fit for the future: long-lasting, repairable and toxic-free.


The leading brands of the future will ensure that the factories in their supply chain are powered by renewable energy, helping to combat climate change. They will not use or release toxic chemicals and their workers will be proud to work for a true innovator, making products that inspire us all.

In your hands

In the future repairing gadgets will be inviting, easy and affordable. Our most loved brand will be the one that makes phones that are not only fast but also last, accompanying us in the most special moments of our lives.

End of Life

In the future our precious electronics won't be wasted. The smartest brands will reuse the valuable materials in our phones such as gold, closing the loop completely and transforming our beloved old gadgets into exciting and truly innovative new ones.